Earn Residual Income

Highest Payout $2.50

& Bonus Levels

  • Level 1:  0 to 500 claims = $2.00
  • Level 2:  501 to 1,500 claims = $2.25
  • Level 3:  1,501+ = $2.50
  • Plus a $0.50 Sponsorship Override

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National Drug Card, the nation’s leader in discount prescription drug cards, is pleased to announce our Affiliate Program. With nearly millions of uninsured Americans paying full price on their healthcare costs, there is a huge demand for our prescription drug card program. Join today to participate in their savings and your prosperity. Start building a monthly residual commission today!

How Does the Program Work?

  • As an affiliate you are provided a unique ID number.
  • You can hand out drug cards or have people print the drug card from your affiliate page.
  • They can also download and activate our App using your ID.
  • Customers will show your card to their pharmacist when purchasing their prescribed medications.
  • Because the card information is stored within the pharmacies computer system, you earn a monthly residual commission every time the card-holder purchases or refills a prescription.

    Who Can Earn Income?

    • Digital Marketers & Bloggers
    • Pet Organizations & Associations
    • Pet Non-Profits and Fundraisers
    • Animal Rescue and Kennels
    • Pet Clubs, Services & Charities
    • Non-Profits and Fund-raisers
    • Religious Organizations and Charities
    • Unions & Labor Organizations
    • Agents/Brokers and Benefit Consultants

    What Affiliates Will Receive

    • You will receive a unique Group ID #.
    • Affiliate Marketing web page.
    • Group ID activated mobile app.

    How We Support Our Affiliates

    • Free Co-branded cards, website and app for affiliates producing at-least 50 monthly claims.
    • A toll-free pharmacy & member help line.
    • Marketing material to support your efforts.
    • Quality printed cards (Optional)
    • Initial orders of card include FREE shipping.

    Key Features of Our Program

    • Oldest Free Drug Card program in the nation.
    • Highest payouts in the industry.
    • Commission Payout each month, with guaranteed payment on Net-Paid claims.
    • Free personalized Mobile Drug Card App for Apple and Android devices for affiliates producing at-least 50 monthly claims.
    • Proprietary medication price search engine, lowest price guaranteed
    • No monthly fees, charges or set up fees

    Distributors Wanted, Earn Residual Income

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